Wild Alaskan Salmon

This wonderful fish spends about half of it's life in the large pasture of open ocean, south of the Aleutian Islands, where it develops it's rich flavour and bright orangey-red flesh.
Also, because of it's long migration it carrys a considerable amount of fat, making it an important source of the Omega-3 fatty acids that are so important to a heart-healthy diet. This product has been shipped over here by boat, so no air miles
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Pacific Cod Loin 

Pacific Cod is one of the most desirable of the North Pacific Ocean's groundfish. It's moisture content is a little higher than that of Atlantic cod, making it less firm.
When cooked, the meat is white, lean and flaky and incredibly versatile for cooking. This product has been shipped over here by boat, so no air miles.
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South African Hake 

or should that be 'King Hake'? - because more and more chefs are singing it's praises. It has a soft texture and fuller flavour which makes for excellent eating. This product has been shipped over here by boat, so no air miles.
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New Zealand Hoki

Hailed as the 'New Zealand Cod', Hoki is carving it's name onto the world's fish market. Chefs prize the fish, not only for it's versatility but for it's delicate sweet flavour and moist firm white meat. An excellent alternative to haddock. This product has been shipped over here by boat, so no air miles.
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Organic Rainbow Trout

This product comes from an organic trout farm in Wiltshire, in the South West of England. The trout are reared in sparkling spring water which flows through organic Watercress beds that enrich the water with natural food such as shrimp, that are a wonderful supplement to the fish’s diet. Because the fish eat live food they live a more active life and they are not being fed coloured dye so their flesh is pale and firm. This trout is thought by many to be the best tasting Trout in the country.

'Purely Organic's trout is better than any I have tasted'... Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall, The Food Programme, Radio 4, Mar 2002

'I only use Purely Organic's Trout because at the Savoy we use only the Best'... Anton Edelmann - Head Chef, The Savoy Hotel

'Purely Organic's Trout are the best in Britain. Purely Organic are Local Food SUPER Heroes!'...Rick Stein Aug 2003
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 Organic Raw King Prawns

These prawns are organically farmed in Ecuador and have been shipped over here by boat, so no air miles. In order to achieve organic status a number of conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The prawn larvae must be an endemic species to the local environment;

  • In the hatcheries, stocking densities must be low to avoid disease and use of anti-biotics, pesticides and minimise use of chemical disinfectants.

  •  No genetic manipulation of the larvae must take place;

  •  They must be fed specially formulated organic food which contains no drugs and has raw materials free from GM and artificial chemicals;

  • Often in intensive systems, it takes 4 kg of fish meal to produce 1 kg of prawns. Organic systems minimise added protein in the feed, and maximise use of naturally occurring food sources;

  • In order to live naturally, the prawns must live in an environment with a mixture of other species, so the whole ecosystem must be in balance. The use of anti-biotics or pesticides would upset that balance, and so are avoided;

  • In the growing ponds, stocking densities must be low enough to allow the prawns to flourish without artificial oxygenation of the water;

  • Environmental impact must be minimised, with regular monitoring of the local environment. Mangrove destruction must be avoided, and regeneration encouraged where appropriate;;

  • Any negative social impact of the production system should be minimised by discussions with local groups, etc.
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