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1. EKOfish is more than just fish - it's an experience of a lifetime. Putting the S back into Service with a Smile. I am your local fish man - here to serve you.

2. Good sized portion controlled pieces, ensuring quality every time with minimal or no waste

3. A small donation from every box sold is donated to the
Marine Conservation Society

4. Less packaging – recycled delivery box is re-used. This means it only takes up the space of a big bag of garden peas in your freezer

4. Free home delivery  

5. More power and choice is with the consumer by using an independent

6. The fish has been dry blast frozen at source to seal in freshness and allows storage in your freezer for up to one year.

7. Fresh fish decays by the minute, frozen fish doesn’t. click here for more info.

8. Buying a bag of fish can leave less of a carbon footprint than buying 1 or 2 pieces at a time

9. Fish is great for you

  Frozen Versus Fresh?

What the experts say...



Tips from a professional chef:

Tallyrand Food and Cooking Tips

Food tips on frozen fish versus fresh

My own personal thoughts on frozen fish versus fresh

Frozen fish fillets can be just as good as fresh as long as they have been snapped frozen professionally; in other words, while at sea on the fish processing trawlers. The rapid process used (10kg boxes in matter if seconds!) ensures the ice crystals within the flesh are minute; this allows for minimum water absorption and destruction of the flesh. If then transported home and stored correctly, when cooked (or defrosted) it should then be virtually indistinguishable from fresh fish fillets.

In fact frozen, in many cases can be better than so called ‘fresh’, unless you are getting it straight from the sea that is, and it is stored between - 1ºC to 1ºC of course, but how many times does that happen? Did you know:

  • If fresh fish is kept on ice from the time it is caught it has a ten to fourteen day shelf life?

  • Or that for every hour it is not kept on ice that it loses a day off its shelf life?

But normally by the time it reaches us in a supermarket, all nicely filleted, packed etc, you will be lucky to get three days before it starts to go sticky, smelly and ready for the rubbish bin!